"Akin" is defined as similar by nature; similar; related by blood; descended from a common prototype

Akinde Project is about truth and freedom. The truth that we, everyone of us, are all one...Free to act as we were meant to be and apply a realized sense of purpose towards happier living in a better world. Akinde Project is built on social awareness - We enable the dreams of business clients, entertainment professionals, customers and associates while we inspire and empower in one common purpose – the progressive movement towards happier, more fulfilling lives. Read More

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Creativity + Business + Truth

Akinde Project is an uncommon, highly creative entity specializing in product development, niche marketing and entertainment services. Our business expertise is wrapped within the sheer determination to make this world a better place through innovative and creative enterprise. This is demonstrated within our dedication to delivering impactful efforts regardless of project size.

The key objective is the reliance on business networks and innovative tools to address negative issues that inhibit people from enjoying happy, fulfilling lives. Commitment to this greater purpose establishes that we step away from the status quo and operate under philosophies that unashamedly promote love, care and attention as the best way forward.The successful combination of our creative work, applied business services and entertainment productions are strategically infused into a deliberate meld that provides the means necessary to fulfill our social objectives.

Vision Statement – Learn to love and love alone to learn

Mission Statement - Enable creative strategies that express positive values, and to continually strive to uphold and engage truth, integrity and excellence.

As our end goal is to honour and serve consistently through the projects we initiate, we usually have a limit on the number of portfolio business clients we interact with at any one time. We mindfully give our all to each activity and herein, our business clients will therefore receive increased, more personalized service with an acute attention to detail.

"Show your helping hands"

What's your mark on our world?

Be the change you want to see....Talking about problems doesn't solve a thing.

Don't see the things that you do NOT want.

 Even in the smallest of ways you can make a difference in your world

Change begins within you

Start your journey today


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Delivering dreams on budget and on time

Remember that hard working shoe shine guy from the movies who made sure that your shoes were always polished so that you are ready to get the very best out of the day. Well....we're kinda like that guy

Joy also comes through working with others to bring their dreams to reality. Our team has been the involved in a wide range of brand deliverables for clients both large and small. With over 25 years collective experience in providing business marketing, project coordination, production management and specialized creative services, our team of innovative minds develop tools and strategies that will not only meet, but exceed your very needs to ensure that you are completely ready to take on the world.

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Product Development

We understand the process, develop the research and refine the overall proposition so that the realized project goal reflects your true values. Let us define what you are truly striving to achieve, and develop ways to keep you well on track to success.

Procurement & Purchasing

We are professionals at searching the globe to source and procure the your items at the best prices. With years of solid service, we are experts in supplying exactly what you need on time all the time. Guaranteed!

Operations Management

Strategic coordination is compulsory thoughout every phase from development to delivery for products, programs and events. We have the competence and experience to deliver your creative vision from concept to completion.

Niche Marketing

Engrossed with a directive of comprehensive service, we absorb your goals, brand and purpose; research your brand history, placement and competition; understand your targets, and develop exactly the type of marketing support that suits your budget.

Studio Production

With over 30 years collective experience in entertainment we are able to apply the most comprehensive techniques for music and video production and artist development. We strive to maintain excellent relationships and open communication to ensure your vision is achieved.

Creative Consulting

Your project, event or service demands an in-depth understanding of the concepts and processes involved to ensure a successful target. Our project experience, network and technological access will ensure that we can deliver your dream into reality.


This is how we do it

Finding solutions to deliver the absolute best perfomance is paramount to our success. We search thoroughly for the most impactful solution that can yield the best results as we develop brand across multiple industries.Strategic acumen along with over 25 years experience in project coordination, event management and marketing services has enabled opportunities locally and internationally.  Here are just a few of the most exhilirating projects and brand personalities we have had the privilege to be a part of.

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Circus Jam International :: Project Development / Management

Frashallen Co. Ltd
Queens Park Savannah, POS

Marco Zoppi Bubbles :: Project Development / Management

Frashallen Co. Ltd
Centre of Excellence, Macoya

Twilight Games :: Marketing / Management

TnT Elite Sports
Hasely Crawford Stadium, POS

Mo Love Mardi Gras :: Marketing / Management

Mo Love
Oakland, California USA

Jet Truck Fire Show :: Management

Speed Promotions Ltd
Camden Raceway, Couva

Vanity Kouture Salon :: Brand Marketing

Vanity Kouture Salon

Parrot Entertainment :: Management

Parrot Recording Studio Ltd

Keshorn Walcott :: Social Media Marketing

TnT Elite Sports

Island People Mas :: Management

Island People Mas

TnT Elite Sports :: Marketing

TnT Elite Sports

Paradise Motorsports TV :: Marketing

Pudgy Productions

Muddy Angels Jouvert :: Marketing / Management

Muddy Angels

UDU Ltd :: Marketing / Coordination / Media Production

Evans St, Curepe

Mifel By The Pool :: Marketing / Media Production

Mifel By The Pool
Duranta Gardens, Sangre Grande

Leon Cox :: Project Development / Consulting

EPT Entertainment
Ariapita Ave, Port of Spain

Park West High School Outreach :: Management

Caribbean AIDS Initiative
New York, USA


Sincerity Studios

Music is food for the soul......Video reflects our world.

 We are passionate about creativity, innovation and learning. Our firm foundation in music and song shines through in high quality studio recordings and spectacular performances of the artists we work with. Our mission is simple....To engage the world with high quality music and video entertainment - one great song at a time. Our hybrid studio features some of the best digital and analog sound and video technology, along with production and recording talents that ensures your total satisfaction as we deliver the best product you can achieve at an unbeatable price. We can tailor any jingle, soundtrack, audio recording or video production to suit your budget. We strive to maintain excellent relationships and open communication within the industry. The validity and effectiveness of our sensible and patient approach can be seen in the relationships with our dedication. More info

Featured Artist - Nigel Lopez



  • Nigel Nicholas Lopez is a sound engineer/music producer writer and also a professional recording artiste . He has had an interest in music since the age of eight years old but never really had the courage to pursue it until later on in life. At the age of 15 , he decided started to get serious and pursue his musical dreams.

    Formerly a member of a band called Submit, the band functioned for about 4 years, during which time they released a popular self-titled track on local radio stations. Submit also had the opportunity to minister at numerous church and gospel events over the years. Nigel’s involvement with the band as a lead singer and songwriter allowed him to gain valuable experience as a gospel minister/vocalist. Following the disbanding of Submit, he went on to launch his career as a solo artiste.

    2014 was the foundation year for Nigel Lopez & S.O.C.A (Sold Out for Christ Always). During 2015 -2016 Nigel traveled on the Caribbean Gospel Tour performing in countries such as St Kitts and Nevis, St Martin and Guyana. Within these years he also tavelled to Barbados and Antigua to perform select shows. In 2017, S.O.C.A travelled with him to for the first time to Dominica in which he was the featured performer at a major concert event. Nigel was nominated for Soca Vocalist of the year at Caribbean Marlin awards.

    Visit Nigel on Facebook

    Queued Artist - AKINDE

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    What makes the marked difference in our approach is process and the fusion what we love to obtain the much needed balance. We seek to be sustainable, independent and driven in our approach to the need of others, clients and social interests alike. Our entertainment and business services effectively provide the momentum required enabling us to provide financial assistance where necessary to sustain project initiatives.  

    We stand by two proven principles.
    1) Give love, get love.
    2) Teach what you want to master.

    Here are an illustration of our 6-point process in action.














    Life goes much better when truly live

    Purpose First....Established to play a our part in addressing the issues that paralyze the personal and social development of individuals, the projects we in engage stands as the true flagship of our focus. Our Project initiatives are fueled primarily by our entertainment and workflow services in addition to our product sourcing store, MasterSource. The ultimate goal is to assist persons through the provision of general support processes to establish better lives for all. Herein we engage the use of our extended team as donors, volunteers, teachers and supporting friends.

    Our projects are harnessed to provide support and developmental services through creative social management strategies. To offset ever increasing budgets we engage highly creative ways to achieve successful project mandates. Additionally, during our community engagements, as we sometimes recognize an overwhelming need for support, we endeavour to offer financial aid to the persons and sustainable micro businesses to better steer their goals. This type of support may also come from third party service providers with whom we partner. Requests for service support and/ or sponsorship assistance received at Akinde Project are evaluated against a strict general criteria. These criteria have been developed to ensure that Akinde Project establishes programs with  positive assurance and favourable outcomes for beneficiaries as well as all parties involved.

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    Youth Mentorship Program

    Hosted by Akinde Project

    Project code: MIND

    Current status: Closed

    Location: Various Schools

    The aim of SOUNDHEART is to serve as a mechanism for the promotion of productive attributes and mindfulness in the youth of Trinidad and Tobago.

    See below for program details or contact us if you're interested in being a part of this program



    Life Learning Series

    Asst. by Akinde

    Project Code : SOUL

    Current status: On Hold

    Location: Trincity

    The Sunshine Gathering brings new life and wisdom directly to the hearts and minds of the knowledge seekers in search of a better way of living.

    Contact us for further information

    See below for program details




    Music to the World

    Presented by Akinde

    Project Code : BODY

    Current status: Development

    Total duration: Ongoing

    Music is a tool to inspire, evoke change and make a difference to the lives of so many people. Our journey began in music and will continue on.

    Stay tuned for upcoming dates

    See below for details




    Sustainable Environment

    Hosted by Entecsol Global

    Project code: GRAT

    Current Status: In Progress

    Location: Santa Cruz

    An audacious project for greener living and a potential outreach without a desire for return has inspired us to get involved and give a helping hand towards a cleaner environment for all.

    See below for project details or click social icon for more info.

    Project Chart

    Workflow Trend for Jan 2021


    Project Information

    Please search by code to view project details

    The aim of SOUNDHEART is to serve as a mechanism for the promotion of productive attributes and mindfulness in the youth of Trinidad and Tobago.

    It will develop in our youth, a clear focus and lifestyle direction while gainfully incorporating much needed key education into their roles, responsibilities and pathways as a benefit to society all wrapped in meaningful two way communication and our rich musical culture

    For further details please contact us

    The Sunshine Gathering brings new life and wisdom directly to the hearts and minds of the knowledge seekers who are seeking for better ways to live in love, happiness, peace and greater fulfilment.

    Set against the scenes of everyday life this podcast will entertain and deliver life skills and knowledge in ways uncommon to many. Be prepared to accept the challenge.

    For further details please contact us

    Quynton Gooding has few equals when it comes to successfully blending the sounds of the Caribbean with that of the urban pop culture. A rich blend of reggae, soca, calypso and a generous serving of hip hop make up the ingredients of this explosive lyrical energy thats nothing less than absolute magic.

    Herein he promises to do his part in showcasing to the world the loving vibration that is Trinidad & Tobago

    For further details please contact us

    Entecsol Global is a tech solutions not-for-profit company with a commitment to foster environmental consciousness and forge sustainable solutions through interactive systems and processes. We introduce and implement measurable, proven global technological solutions to mitigate and strategically manage the negative impact of waste across the environment.

    For further details please contact us

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Akinde Project is about truth and freedom. The truth that we, everyone of us, are all one...with the freedom to act as who you were meant to be and apply your greater purpose towards living a happy life and creating a better world. Driven on the love for music, people and enterprise, Akinde Project is the collective efforts of a few who have come together to work astudiously in a committed effort to be more, live more and love more.
    No. We are a creative enterprise who believes that we must put our best foot forward to make life better for all. However, we have been supported by philantrophic individuals who share similar beliefs. We do not campaign for support but leave that to the individual or business we work with. We use profits from our workflow as well as sales revenue from our sourcing services contribute directly towards the projects we endorse.
    We would be happy to work with you. The purpose of the Akinde Project is to lend support to others in need. Though we do our best to bring the dreams of those in need to reality, the requirements necessary for assistance and final eligibility are not always guaranteed to all applicants. Please contact us for further information

    Fun Facts

    Here are a few fun facts about Akinde Project that you're probably unaware of...



    Mastersource Fulfillment Center

    Our premier shopping service started out as a sourcing and import depot for a few clients. Ever desirous of greater service, we started selling a few varied items that friends and family asked to offered for online sale and at some of our live events. This grew into a small deliberate enterprise  incorporaing greater involvement in direct product sourcing for comercial products and hard to find items for a growing customer base. Today our project unit, MasterSource is fully online and stands as a vibrant and steadily growing alternative shopping service with 15% of profit earned being returned to the community through our project assigns. We are experts at sourcing general and hard to find items, we're sure there's something we can provide for you at MasterSource.

    • $18 starting at
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    • Digital Thermometer
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    • T-Shirt pack
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    • Huawei P20 Digitizer
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    All items offered for sale at MasterSource are either in stock, sourced directly or owned by affiliated sellers. In some instances, we cannot vouch for the condition of any used items but we can assure that we put all items through a stringent quality control process so we can guarantee that our customers receive the very best value. All transactions are securely processed through Paypal or directly at the Mastersource Fulfillment office.

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    What's New

    Stay updated with all the latest news, articles, events, audio and video as it happens

    Panic Attack "Camo" Civic breaks the local FWD record.

    We came. We saw. We conquered.

    Glory reigned down on the fans of front wheel drive drag vehicles as the Panic Attack "Camo" Civic of driven by Jason Jameson of Team Garage 4 broke the 10+ year FWD record previously held by Gerald Aboud.

    The super quick Honda civic ripped down the quarter mile at 10.35 seconds but that's not all. The car experienced a high boost cut out in 4th gear that forced it to roll across the line neutralized. It could possibly mean that had all been correct with the run, we would have surely been witness witness to the very 1st 9 seconds ET pass for a FWD vehicle in Trinidad & Tobago.

    Stay tuned for more as Team Garage 4 gets ready for the upcoming meet on 28th November 2015. With cars from the USA and across the Caribbean, it promises to be a spectacular showdown of horsepower.


    QUICK STATS - At a Glance

    1995 Honda Civic EG4

    Chassis: Stock

    Engine: B18C (stock bore)

    Power: 700 WHP @ 26 psi

    Current Racing Bracket – 10 seconds

    Best ET – 10.3 @ 104 mph

    Best reaction time - 0.521 seconds

    Best 60 ft - 1.543 secs - St. Lucia 2012

    1.569 secs - Camden Raceway, Trinidad 2015

    1.346 secs Trinidad - FB Wallerfield, Trinidad 2015

    Best MPH to date - 143mph (St Lucia 2012)

    Fastest FWD Vehicle in Trinidad – 2014 | 2015 | 2016

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    Greatness : How to Heal the World

    From the onset the title sounds like just too big a task. How can I possibly heal the world? After all, people are stubborn, set in their ways and much of what we might share....

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    COTT Information Sessions

    COTT Members!!!

    The COTT Information Sessions are headed your way. Stay informed of all the latest happenings concerning your copyright obligations. Contact COTT today to discover where they'll be next

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    Choose Your Path Now

    I am Akinde...that statement holds significance only to me. At the most basic level, I can say it all day long and it means absolutely nothing to anyone and rightfully so. This is a result of the sheer fact that...

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    Remains of the Day

    1:45AM_ Pain rips through my chest. Not even close to what I assume is the pain of a heart attack but one that cuts and scars much so deep. A hopeless pain. A desire lost.

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    Akinde EP gets the thumbs up

    ‘This Time’ is pretty damn spectacular. It starts off nice and slow, but when it starts pulsing.....

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